Horder Healthcare launches The Butterfly Scheme

Horder Healthcare are proud to have launched The Butterfly Scheme across both The Horder Centre and The McIndoe Centre. The Butterfly scheme provides a system of effective care for those with dementia, or experiencing memory problems.

Staff at The Horder Centre in Crowborough/The McIndoe Centre in East Grinstead/Horder Healthcare Tunbridge Wells/Horder Healthcare Seaford/Horder Healthcare Eastbourne will be given a training session by the Butterfly Scheme co-ordinator so that they can offer good dementia care to patients who need it.

The Butterfly Scheme has been adopted by more than a hundred hospitals across the UK where the butterfly logo is used to show patients that staff and carers have been equipped with the essential skills which means patients can receive care that is tailored to their needs. All staff who interact with patients are trained to offer a specific five point targeted response so they can provide reliable and insightful support.

For more information please contact either The Horder Centre on 01892 665577 or The McIndoe Centre on 01342 330300 or go to www.butterflyscheme.org.uk.

Page last reviewed on 09/11/2016