The McIndoe Centre & Mr Paul Banwell introduce the latest innovation in breast surgery

Popularity for breast augmentation remains high

Breast augmentation still remains the number one cosmetic procedure in the UK and there seems to be a huge rise in the desire to maintain a shapely but natural result following children and breast-feeding.

Specialist Plastic Surgeons are keen to provide an individualized approach and like to tailor breast enhancement according to patient wishes. Mr Paul Banwell, Consultant Plastic Surgeon from the Banwell Clinic based at The McIndoe Centre in East Grinstead comments ‘The key is to listen to the patient and create a bespoke treatment plan’.

There is no doubt that patients are doing more and more research before seeking a consultation and they are becoming more discerning in their questions and requests. However, there are still many aspects that may be misunderstood by patients and Mr Banwell believes the consultation process is therefore crucial to ensure good quality information is imparted and that the patient understands the nuances of what is involved with surgery.

Latest technology breast implants now available locally

The specialty of plastic surgery has a history of advanced thinking, innovation and development and the world of breast augmentation is no different. There has been on-going research and development looking to improve upon the breast implants currently available and whilst they are of extremely high quality, one of the thrusts of this research has been looking at how to minimize their weight and the effects of gravity. However, we are glad to report that there has been a major breakthrough and revolutionary lightweight implants are now available in the UK!

B-lite Academy in the South East

Mr Banwell is delighted to have developed the B-lite Academy in the South East offering patients these lightweight implants at The McIndoe Centre in East Grinstead. The B-lite breast implants are lighter than conventional implants and microspheres are the magic ingredients. By permanently bonding tiny hollow air-filled spheres in the medical grade silicone gel, the company can make implants much lighter than the equivalent conventional silicone implants. These microspheres are very strong and they easily withstand pressures experienced during flights and diving. Reducing the weight of the breast implant also significantly reduces the pull of gravity on the breast and can improve longevity of the results as well as providing obvious benefits with activities of daily living as well as with sport and exercise.

“We are delighted to offer these revolutionary implants at The McIndoe Centre to all patients in the South East contemplating cosmetic breast surgery” Mr Paul Banwell, Plastic Surgeon.

Paul Banwell is a Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon who specialises in cosmetic breast surgery, fat grafting, tummy tucks, labiaplasty, liposuction as well as facial aesthetics

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Page last reviewed on 23/03/2017