The McIndoe Centre shortlisted for 2021 LaingBuisson Award

We are delighted to announce that the hospital has been shortlisted for the ‘Outstanding response to COVID in healthcare’ LaingBuisson award.  

The submission highlighted the collaboration between the Queen Victoria NHS Foundation Trust (QVH) and The McIndoe Centre, and how in April 2020 they united resources to ensure patients continued to receive the highest level of ongoing care they deserved, despite the ongoing national crisis.

An arrangement was made that would enable the QVH to provide extra capacity, and to become the regional hub for breast, skin and head and neck cancers. This crucial agreement would go on to provide a lifeline to many patients whose services were being threatened at this time, as well as providing extra capacity at other local hospitals.

The McIndoe Centre was quickly transformed, within two weeks, to treat NHS patients suffering from maxillofacial and plastics injuries (trauma).

To be selected as a finalist for this national award is testament to the achievement of all of our colleagues who helped deliver this service under immense pressure.

The winner will be announced on the 18th November 2021. Read more about the Laing Buisson Awards.

Page last reviewed on 13/09/2021