Thread Vein Treatment

Thread Vein Treatment

Cosmetic Surgery

Thread Vein Treatment

Thread veins are small and abnormally dilated blood vessels that are often found on the legs. The presence of these veins can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction with your appearance and cause serious knock-on effects when it comes to levels of self-confidence.

What Does Thread Vein Treatment Involve?

The cause of thread veins is unknown, but:

  • They are usually inherited
  • Hormonal changes can increase their likelihood
  • Trauma to the legs can cause thread veins
  • Standing occupations can make them more likely
  • They become more prominent and numerous with age

While many people seek thread vein treatment for personal, cosmetic reasons, it is not uncommon for people to seek treatment for reasons of discomfort. Untreated thread veins can lead to further problems regarding mobility and general discomfort.

The procedure itself is called Sclerotherapy and is a common technique used to treat thread veins. This procedure is straightforward, which involves injecting a solution called sclerosant into the veins, destroying them and ultimately causing them to completely disappear over time.

A compression (stockings or a tight bandage) will then be applied to close the veins. Depending on the size of the veins requiring treatment, you should expect to wear the compression for around 2-3 days. Over this time, the veins will heal and be absorbed into your body, naturally fading away.

"I would highly recommend this treatment. It has made a significant improvement which has made me happier about baring my legs. All was very thoroughly explained and professionally done in a pleasant environment."

"This was the best thing I have ever done for my well being. The difference was amazing and Claire was so lovely. I would definitely recommend to anyone who has a problem."

"So pleased gave me the confidence to wear skirts and shorts which I would never have done before treatment."

"Fantastic treatment will definitely book again!"

McIndoe Centre Patients

What Are The Benefits Of Thread Vein Treatment?

The benefits of having thread vein removal surgery vary for both cosmetic advantages and alleviating physical discomfort in some rare cases. The three main advantages patients come away with are:

  • Boosting self-confidence
  • Removing or reducing the visibility of thread veins
  • Helping to restore a more youthful appearance

Recovery After Treatment

Patients usually see an improvement within 2-3 months of their first treatment, although results will vary from one patient to the next. In some patients, the veins will disappear completely, others will fade away more slowly.

Therefore, two sessions of treatment are recommended. Following the second course of treatment, a 70-80% improvement in appearance is to be expected.

Thread Vein treatment Cost

Everyone's treatment plan is tailored to their own individual needs. For more information, we would be delighted if you wanted to arrange a consultation with us.

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    Having surgery is a big decision

    For more information and advice about cosmetic surgery contact our Helpline Team on 01342 488054 or email

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    Having surgery is a big decision

    For more information and advice about cosmetic surgery contact our Helpline Team on 01342 488054 or email