Women’s Health Check

Women's Health Check

Women's Health

Your health matters. Take charge of your wellbeing with our Women's Health Check.

We believe preventive care and early detection of health risks are key to long-term wellness. Our comprehensive assessment covers a broad spectrum of women’s health tests, all conducted on the same day, to provide an overview of your health status.

Our bespoke Women’s Health Check enables you to take control of your health via direct, personalised care, avoiding long NHS waiting lists and repeat appointments. Same-day consultation and a two-week follow-up with a dedicated GP allows you to act promptly on any recommendations.

The results are compiled into an easy-to-read report, designed to be accessible and informative, empowering you to make informed decisions about your health with clarity.

Women's Health Check Essential

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What does the health screening include?

Our Women's Health Check is tailored to address the needs of women at every stage of their life and can include routine blood tests and screenings for cholesterol levels, thyroid function, risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, and much more.

Health assessment including blood pressure and BMI

Cholesterol levels

Urine analysis

Bowel cancer screening (for patients over 40 years, or if required)

Kidney function

Full blood count (anaemia and immune system function) 

Liver function

Ferritin test for iron deficiency

Diabetes test

Thyroid function

Vitamin D levels

Vitamin B12 and B9 (folate) levels

Cardiovascular risk assessment

Lifestyle review

Mental health assessment

Breast check

Menopause symptom check

Contraception overview

Once the comprehensive tests have been conducted, your health journey unfolds via a 20-minute consultation with a Women's Health Specialist GP, where findings, lifestyle and concerns can be discussed.

Our commitment extends beyond your visit. Within two weeks, you will receive a 15-minute follow-up phone call with the GP who will provide expert advice and guidance. This is an opportunity to discuss additional insights, clarify any queries, and understand your full picture of health before planning the next steps accordingly.

Why should I book a health check?

Our expert team of GPs are passionate about women’s health and have received specialist training within this area.

Dr Emma Sloan is one of The McIndoe Centre’s GP and Women's Health Specialists, who is also one of a handful of British Menopause Society menopause trainers in the south east.

In this video, Dr Sloan guides you through what to expect during your Women’s Health Check and highlights why women’s health should be high on the agenda.

"The compilation of results form an individualised patient report, which is an incredibly valuable tool during discussions with patients about their overall health and their future health."

Dr Emma Sloan

Who can access the service?

This is a comprehensive health check for women over the age of 18. We understand patients have individual health concerns and this is your opportunity to discuss these with a specialist GP.

Women's health assessments can play a pivotal role in maintaining and improving your overall health and wellbeing. They can also contribute to better health outcomes and a higher quality of life.

How can the Women's Health Check support me?

Set within The McIndoe Centre’s state-of-the-art facilities, our Woman’s Health Check enables a single, convenient visit to support:

Early detection of health issues

Through screenings, examinations, and discussions, conditions can be identified at an early stage when they are often more treatable and manageable.

Preventive care and health promotion

The Woman’s Health Check is designed to prevent the onset of diseases and promote overall wellbeing.

Patient-centered approach

Our supportive environment ensures that your concerns are listened to and addressed with the highest standard of care.

Health education and empowerment

Our expert team can inform you about your health, address any concerns you may have, and empower you to make informed decisions about your wellbeing.


The McIndoe Centre's GP and Women's Health Specialist, Dr Emma Sloan, addresses some common questions about our Women's Health Check. 

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