What should I expect from a consultation?

Firstly, the most important thing we can say is that we guarantee you will see the surgeon who will operate on you if you decide to proceed with surgery. We do not have cosmetic sales advisors or nurse practitioners briefing patients before surgery. What we do have are properly qualified cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeons who will take the time to treat you as an individual and listen to what it is you are not happy with. They will not judge or suggest surgery to another area of your body you are perfectly happy with. Some surgeons may even recommend you do not proceed to surgery. This may be because the changes achievable are so slight it may be better to wait. This is not uncommon with ladies requiring facelift surgery. Or maybe you have requirements that far exceed what is deemed 'realistic expectations' so in which case the surgeon may feel it inappropriate to offer surgery. 

Your surgeon will want to examine you and if this includes a need to undress, a nurse chaperone will be present. After the examination you will be asked to get dressed. Only then will the surgeon carry on with the consultation.

Your surgeon will explain what the procedures involves: how may incisions there will be, how long the operation will take, what the recovery period is like and what to expect, the risks of the surgery you require and if there are any alternative procedures or treatments. Pre and post operation images may be discussed and shown.

After your consultation has taken place, a no obligation written quotation will be sent to you for consideration. Should you decide to proceed we would invite you to have a further consultation. This allows the surgeon to reiterate points discussed previously, reaffirm your understanding of the surgery and associated risks and benefits, arrangements at home etc.  It is also a great opportunity for you to ask any questions that may have arisen since your previous visit. Only when this has been undertaken do we confirm your operation date.