McIndoe Centre features in Tatler’s 2022 Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide

McIndoe Centre features in Tatler’s 2022 Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide

The March issue of Tatler contains one of the magazine’s most eagerly anticipated features of the year, its annual Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide.


This year we are delighted that the McIndoe Centre and our Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Nick Parkhouse are the subject of a fascinating article that lifts the lid on one of cosmetic surgery’s most popular procedures, eyelid surgery.

The article, titled ‘In the blink of an eye’ follows the journey of patient Annika Purdey. She explains how, in her forties and tired of looking at her sagging eyelids on countless Zoom calls, she finally overcame her own preconceptions that cosmetic surgery is vain and only for Hollywood actresses, and decided that an upper blepharoplasty procedure would be a perfectly rational and acceptable way to rejuvenate her appearance and boost her self-confidence.

Tatler Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide

After a consultation with Mr Parkhouse, Annika opted to have him carry out the surgery at the McIndoe Centre, preferring to be closer to home and, not wanting to have to journey into London especially due to concerns over Covid.

Her surgery went smoothly with minimal discomfort, and the success of her transformation became increasingly apparent as the swelling and bruising subsided over the next 10 days.  Several months later Annika reveals that she is pleased she took the plunge and genuinely thrilled with the results of her surgery. She has achieved what she wanted, loves her rejuvenated appearance and is grateful for having found such a personal practice to have this procedure.

Annika was nervous about the procedure but credits the warm and caring attention she received from the whole McIndoe team throughout her time with us, in allaying her fears and making her feel relaxed.  She is equally glowing about the facilities at the McIndoe Centre; our large, light and airy ensuite rooms, as well as the quality of our catering, specifically the delicious superfood salad and sandwiches she enjoyed!

We take pride in the fact that this article is such a positive endorsement of our commitment to excellence in patient care.  Moreover, we hope that the article will reassure those Tatler readers who, like Annika, are feeling the signs of aging but are reticent to have cosmetic surgery, to take a fresh look at the benefits that it offers. If you are one of them, why not book a consultation with one of our cosmetic surgeons to discuss your concerns and aspirations?

Nick Parkhouse has been a Consultant Plastic Surgeon since 1991 and is based at the McIndoe Centre. He has a special interest in the aesthetic/cosmetic surgery of the face, breasts, abdomen and trunk together with non-surgical injection and laser treatments for specific problems. 

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