Breast Enlargement | Daniella Peters

Patient Story: Daniella Peters

Before breast enlargement surgery, Daniella was desperately unhappy with the size of her breasts as she felt under developed and disproportionate in relation to the rest of her frame.

Daniella chose to have surgery with John Pereira at The McIndoe Centre as a number of friends had recommended them to her and the locality was also a bonus.

When asked how the surgery affected her self-esteem and relationship with her body, Daniella replied:

“The surgery completely changed my levels of self-esteem for the better. I feel amazing and confident in a bikini now whereas before I used to cry and cover up.”

Daniella opted for a teardrop shaped implant which saw her bust size increase from a 32B to 32E/EE.

She described her experience at The McIndoe Centre as, “Absolutely amazing. Professional, caring, hygienic, efficient and as luxurious as having surgery can be.”

Sometime after having surgery, Daniella decided to transform her lifestyle after bingeing on takeaways caused her to gain two stone. She felt uncomfortable within herself and felt that she didn’t look good anymore. Daniella is back to her happy weight now and sticks to a busy gym routine to maintain her high fitness levels.

Since her surgery, Daniella has recommended John and The McIndoe Centre to everyone in her area.

“I’ve always had such nice compliments on my surgery. People are always so shocked when they find out that my boobs aren’t real. They look natural and most importantly they are now proportionate to the rest of my body which is just what I wanted, so thank you.”

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