Breast Implant Removal | Anna

After Anna was told the surgeon who performed her breast enlargement surgery had “disappeared” and the clinic would not rectify her poor results, Anna sought the help of Elena Prousskaia at The McIndoe Centre to correct her breasts which had become heavily distorted and displaced as a result of the botched surgery.

During consultation it was decided that Anna would need breast implant removal and replacement surgery in conjunction with a breast uplift to rebuild the shape of her breasts. In theatre Elena quickly saw that the implants which had been used had no brand series number and were completely crusted to Anna’s chest wall. This made them very difficult to remove and clean during surgery. Despite the difficulties faced during surgery, Elena still managed to produce excellent results.

A poll of BAAPS* (British Association of Aesthetic Practitioners) members reveals eight out of ten have witnessed an alarming increase in requests from patients to correct failed cosmetic procedures during the last five years - with some members counting as much as a third of their own practice just fixing other people’s mistakes.... nearly a third (30%) stated that the original procedure had clearly been carried out by someone with dangerously inadequate training, and a similar proportion (30%) were picking up the pieces from cheap deals abroad.


Elena said, “Anna is a beautiful young woman who had such bad luck. Cases like Anna are on the increase as too many people are trying to get cheap surgery or go abroad to save money. People like Anna end up paying with their health, happiness and wellbeing, so I strongly believe these are the stories we need to be shedding light on. Recently I have had an influx of patients desperate for help after having cheap surgery in a non-hospital clinical environment. Before they find me, they all say they conducted careful research but unfortunately many fall foul to persuasive marketing, incentivised surgery costs and lack of information. Their lives and confidence are usually severely affected and finding a surgical solution is often difficult.” Anna said “The surgery with Elena has changed mine and my partner’s world. We are both delighted with the result. I wanted my body and my life back. The botched surgery affected me so much on a day to day basis. Elena has been brilliant, we’re so happy with the result”.

*All reputable surgeons should be accredited with BAAPs or BAPRAS. All of the consultants who practice out of The McIndoe Centre are registered with either BAAPS or BAPRAS.

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