Tamsin Smith | Breast Implant Revision

Patient Story: Tamsin Smith

Restoring Tamsin’s implants, self-confidence, and faith in patient care

Tamsin Smith from East Sussex first underwent breast augmentation surgery in 2005, aged 26, following many years of being extremely unhappy about her appearance.

Over the next 15 years Tamsin had been having regular checks of her implants by Mr Mackey at The McIndoe Centre, and at the last of these had been made aware that her implants would need replacing at some point soon. Unfortunately, due to Covid the opportunity to have her implants was delayed. Just as the worst of Covid was past, Tamsin noticed some changes in the texture and appearance of her breasts, and suspected that her implants might have ruptured. She booked a consultation with Mr Mackey at which he confirmed that Tamsin was indeed suffering with a ruptured implant and would need to have replacements.

As her existing implants were no longer being manufactured, she was apprehensive that the replacement implants might not be the same size as the existing ones. Mr Mackey advised me exactly what size he thought would achieve this.

Tamsin was extremely nervouswhen going in for her procedure, partly because of complications following her original procedure as well as a previous poor patient care experience elsewhere. Moreover, due to covid safeguarding measures her husband would not be able to be with her.

However, her experience at The McIndoe Centre could not have gone better.

"This time, every single nurse who looked after me was so kind and gentle, and it made all the difference. Jocelyn, the night nurse was so kind to me as I didn't get a wink of sleep due to being so anxious; she kept popping into see how I was and was very reassuring."

Tamsin’s procedure was a great success, and she is delighted with her new breasts which are exactly the same size as her old implants.

"I have had several non-cosmetic surgeries over the course of my life, and I can honestly say that this is by far the best experience I’ve had. I cannot thank Mr Mackey and the whole team at the McIndoe Centre enough for their kindness, sensitivity, and for making the whole experience so much better than previous surgical procedures. It has really restored my faith in the whole process."

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