Cataract Removal Surgery | Bruce Harris

After retiring from a fulfilling career as a chartered surveyor, Bruce Harris* decided to avoid the boredom of retirement and expand his skills to become a driving instructor. 

It was not until Bruce attended a routine eye test appointment five years later that he discovered his sight was no longer at the required standard and he had to stop the driver training he was enjoying so much. After a lengthy journey through the NHS pathway, Bruce was finally able to receive his treatment at The McIndoe Centre. 

Bruce explains: “When I met with my Consultant we went through possible causes for the deterioration of my corneas, and it wasn’t until then that we worked out it was likely to be the dust from working many summers on hot building sites. He understood the treatment I needed straight away and decided that I required cataract procedures on both eyes, with my left eye being dealt with first. The first procedure then happened the following week. 

“I was amazed at the whole process; The McIndoe Centre is just incredible and so modern and clean. From my first appointment for my COVID-19 test to the actual procedure, everything clicked in to place seamlessly. I felt like the staff who looked after me knew the procedure inside out, they were so informative and reassuring. When it came to the procedure I could not have been cared for better, and although the thought of the surgery can be daunting the first time, I felt no pain at all. It was all over in about 20 minutes, and straight away I was being checked on and offered a hot drink and some delicious food.  

“Later that evening at home after I had put my drops in, the difference in my vision became very clear. I was absolutely amazed; I walked over to the bedroom window and for the first time in a very long time, I could see craters on the moon! I also managed to spot the space station, which I could clearly see without any blur. I just could not believe the difference. 

“The surgery has meant that I can now reapply to get my driver’s licence back, as I can now easily read a registration plate from the specified distance. The change in my vision has also enabled me to carry on with so many projects I couldn’t before, in particular the refurbishment of our house. I am looking forward to getting into home repairs again and no longer needing to use a magnifying glass. It has been a brilliant experience all round.”  

*Patient name has been changed for confidentiality purposes. 

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