How Much Does Blepharoplasty Cost in the UK?

Many people undergo blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) for reasons such as sagging skin around the eyes, bags under the eyelids or hooded eyelids obscuring their vision. However, when deciding whether to proceed with the procedure, the cost is one significant factor you must consider. 

Blepharoplasty is not generally available on the NHS, so you’ll likely have to pay privately for the procedure. But it’s essential to know what the procedure should cost and what factors influence the price. This blog post discusses the factors affecting blepharoplasty charges, how much it may cost you in the UK and how to choose the right clinic and surgeon.  

What is blepharoplasty? A quick overview 

Before we dive into the costs, it’s vital to understand what blepharoplasty is. Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that removes excess fat or skin from your upper or lower eyelids. It isn’t a facelift or brow lift, though it can give you a more youthful appearance.  

Surgeons typically carry out blepharoplasty under a general anaesthetic (though it can be performed under a local anaesthetic), so you’ll be asleep during the surgery.  

It takes up to two hours to complete, depending on the procedure’s complexity.  

You can have both upper and lower done at the same time but you will need to discuss this with your surgeon beforehand during your consultation.   

Factors impacting blepharoplasty cost 

Many different factors influence the cost of a blepharoplasty. Some may increase it and others decrease it – it all depends on your needs and choice of clinic and surgeon.  

Let’s look at several factors impacting a blepharoplasty’s cost. 

The complexity of the surgery 

One of the most significant factors is how complex the surgery must be. For example, if you are getting upper and lower blepharoplasties performed on both eyes, it will be more expensive than an upper blepharoplasty on both eyes. You can also combine blepharoplasty with other facial rejuvenation procedures, which will increase the overall cost. 

Similarly, if your needs require more complex surgery to achieve your desired results, the cost can rise. However, your surgeon will discuss all this during your consultation. You won’t be hit with hidden fees if you choose a reputable clinic and surgeon.   

The surgeon’s qualifications and experience 

The next factor is the surgeon’s qualifications and experience. Highly experienced surgeons may be more expensive, but not always. Remember that price doesn’t always indicate skill level.  

One of the best ways to check the cost against the surgeon’s experience and talent is to check other patient stories, before and after photos and the surgeon’s credentials. Some of the most experienced and qualified surgeons are priced similarly to ones who may not be at the same level.  

It’s also essential to consider why something is cheap. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. So, it’s vital to compare and contrast pricing against skills and credentials.  

Clinic location 

Different clinics and surgeons across the country will charge differing blepharoplasty fees, so you must take the clinic’s location into account. For example, clinics in London may charge more than clinics in smaller or more rural counties. 

However, this is a general guide, and you may find a clinic that’s cheaper somewhere but usually more expensive. ‘Shopping around’ will give you a general idea of how much you can expect based on location. 

Inclusion or exclusion of consultations and follow-up appointments 

When you have a blepharoplasty, you must have a consultation before the surgery. It gives you a chance to discuss your desired results, and the surgeon can assess whether they’re achievable. It’s also an excellent space for you to ask any questions.  

However, not all blepharoplasty packages include a consultation in the price. So, be aware of what clinics include and don’t include in the cost.  

They may not include follow-up appointments in the fee. These are usually scheduled during your recovery to ensure your wounds are healing well and that there are no signs of infection. As follow-up appointments may not be included 100% of the time, check before booking your surgery.  

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

As we age, gravity pulls down on the soft tissue surrounding our eyes. Once youthful and alert, eyes can become droopy and undefined. Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is a procedure that works to tighten this soft tissue, resulting in bright and open eyes. This procedure can be carried out on the upper or lower eyelids or both.

How much does blepharoplasty cost in the UK? 

As we’ve discussed above, the cost of blepharoplasty can vary greatly. However, there are some average prices you can expect to pay based on general data from across the country.  

In the UK, blepharoplasty can cost anywhere between £2,000 and £6,000. But as this varies from clinic to clinic, you may pay more or less depending on what’s included in the package and other influencing factors, such as the complexity and the surgeon. 

At The McIndoe Centre, we provide personalised costs based on your needs. We’re always clear about what you can expect to pay – and we have no hidden charges. 

Choosing the right clinic and surgeon 

Choosing the right clinic and surgeon for your blepharoplasty involves many things you need to consider 

You’ll want to think about the following when choosing your surgeon and clinic: 

  • The skills and expertise of the surgeon – blepharoplasties are generally considered safe, but only when a highly trained surgeon performs them. To ensure you have positive results from the surgery, opt for a surgeon who knows what they’re doing and has vast experience in the procedure.
  • Before and after results – it’s a good idea to look at before and after photos of the procedure to understand fully what the surgeon and clinic are capable of. Then, you can gauge the surgeon’s skill based on the results. 
  • The location – an essential factor when choosing the right clinic. Usually, surgeons carry out blepharoplasties under a general anaesthetic and you most likely won’t be able to drive yourself home. With this in mind, choosing a clinic you can easily get to and one that a friend or loved one can transport you can influence your decision. 
  • The Care Quality Commission rating (CQC) – the CQC is an independent regulator of health and social care in England. It regulates, inspects and rates hospitals and clinics to ensure they meet the quality and standards they should. It has four ratings – inadequate at the bottom, followed by requires improvement, good, and outstanding. Be sure to look at the CQC rating of a clinic and ensure that it meets the standards needed to be safe. 

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At The McIndoe Centre, our surgeons have extensive experience in performing the upper and lower blepharoplasties we offer. We provide costs upfront, so you know how much it’s going to cost and what you can expect to be included in the package.  

If you want a blepharoplasty, The McIndoe Centre can help. From our personalised consultations to our expert surgeons and supportive aftercare, when you choose us for your blepharoplasty, you’ll receive unparalleled care.  

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