Mr Baljit Dheansa, plastic surgeon in the McIndoe spotlight

A number of treatments are popular all year round, namely breast augmentation (enlargement)breast reductionabdominoplasty (tummy tuck) as well as facial surgery, but at this time of year people’s minds turn towards looking good for their summer holiday or wedding day, so it would make sense to have had a consultation planned by early Spring to enable surgery to have time to settle down before the big day or special trip.

What are the benefits of having a cosmetic procedure at The McIndoe Centre?

It is a real benefit and rare for a hospital to have such a dedicated focus for this type of surgery. As a specialist plastic surgery that has skilled theatre and ward staff tuned into specialist patient care I have every confidence my patients will make an excellent recovery. The specialist skills here make the difference between good surgery and great surgery and that’s what McIndoe provides.

With more than 20 plastic surgeons who work together, there is wonderful depth of knowledge and surgical expertise which has developed into many having sub-speciality skills in cosmetic surgery.

How has the industry and the procedures you offer changed in the last year and how do you think they’ll change over the coming year?

I have noticed people are attending clinic with more confidence after the financial downturn. Patients are leaning towards wanting a more natural look, rather than requesting an overly refined and enhanced look. A look that people stare and say you look amazing rather than on my goodness what have you done!

How many years in the industry?

21 years performing surgery and 12 of those as a Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

What's your best piece of advice you can give to anyone considering a procedure?

Have clear expectations, be as healthy as possible and stop smoking.Mr Baljit Dheansa is a Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. In his private practice Mr Dheansa covers all areas of cosmetic surgery including breast surgery, facial surgery, body contour surgery, liposuction and abdominoplasty. Mr Dheansa enjoys every aspect of plastic surgery; last year he performed approximately 260 procedures both in his NHS and private work which is a testament to both his passion and skill.

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