Mike Brazier | Cataract Removal

Mike Brazier | Cataract Removal

My name is Mike Brazier. I am 82 years old and am in a business partnership as a Management Consultant. My work involves a great deal of documents and computer screen study. I have become increasingly frustrated at the deterioration in the quality of my vision. 

Because of this, I consulted with an optometrist who advised that:

  1. I had reached optimum benefit from varifocal glasses;
  2. I would benefit from glasses specifically designed for office work;
  3. Cataracts were developing in both eyes which were not helping matters and would benefit from surgical intervention in the relatively near future.

As a consequence of the above, the optometrist referred me to my GP. Various consultations followed and as a result of this I discovered that the limit of treatment available under the NHS was the removal of the cataract in one eye now and the fitting of a ‘distance lens’. The second eye would have to wait for treatment at a later date. This is a brilliant service, but it left me wondering if there might be a better outcome for me through private surgery.

Following a couple of hours of internet research into current ophthalmic surgery advances, I was amazed to discover that the “Bionic Age” is truly with us now. Complete eye lens replacement with “tri-focal” inserts was widely available.

A perfect outcome for me would be to be able to discard all glasses, which, despite their benefits have been a considerable nuisance for over 40 years. This would be a real “Result” for me. However, I did note a repeating theme throughout my readings, that these interventions were available for “suitable candidates.” I needed a consultation to assess my personal suitability. Oh how I wanted to be “Suitable”.

So how do I feel after all?

From the first consultation, the time has passed in a flash;   I have met some lovely , dedicated people, been subjected to no more than a mild inconvenience and feel that my life has changed very dramatically.  I could not be more pleased at undertaking this intervention.  Well done everyone who has been involved with me in this adventure and “THANK YOU ALL”

How would I sum it all up from my point of view: “I LIKE WHAT I SEE”.

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