Haydn | Chest reduction

Haydn | Chest reduction

Haydn came to The McIndoe Centre as an Embarrassing Bodies – Live from the Clinic patient suffering from Gynecomastia ("man boobs") after a large weight loss.

Haydn said:

“During my school life I got up to nearly 19 stone in weight at a very young age, I took it upon myself to lose weight and I’m now around 12 stone, unfortunately, this has caused me to have a lot of excess skin, and has left me with fully formed boobs.

This completely destroyed my confidence and I found it hard going out and meeting new people, and even harder getting close to people physically as I was just too self-conscious and felt that my body was deformed. I didn’t’ even walk around my own house without being covered up!”

In June 2012 he had the surgery to remove his "man boobs" with Mr Dheansa and is a changed young man, brimming with confidence and looking forward to life.

Baljit is a UK trained Consultant Plastic Surgeon having graduated from Kings College Hospital where he qualified in 1990. This was the start of a rich and varied career in the fields of plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery

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