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Patient Story: Kelly Bryant

In this patient story video, we meet Kelly, whose long and short-sighted vision was deteriorating and began to impact her work and daily activities. 

When a routine eye appointment with her optician revealed cataracts in both eyes, Kelly decided to have cataract surgery at The McIndoe Centre to replace the cloudy lens with a clear artificial lens. 

Kelly said: “Being 50 and not being able to drive at night was affecting my life. When I realised I had cataracts in both eyes and I would eventually have to have the procedure done, I decided I would have it done sooner rather than later.” 

Mr Gokulan Ratnarajan, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon who carried out the procedure, said: “The latest innovation in the lens market is a new lens called PureSee by Johnson and Johnson.  

“I spent time with Kelly during the consultation and once we talked through her lifestyle, we decided to go with the toric PureSee lens in both eyes.” 

Kelly added: “I was quite anxious before the procedure, but from the minute I came in – from reception to the nursing staff - it was fantastic. They all put you at ease.” 

“Mr Ratnarajan talks you through the whole thing while he is performing the procedure, so I felt ever so calm. It was really easy.  

“After the surgery, I was discharged one hour later. I could see straight away; it was slightly blurry, but within 24-48 hours, that had completely cleared up. I was back at work within four days, and gradually, my eyesight improved immensely over the next 7-10 days.  

“Six weeks on, the procedure has been life changing. I can go to the gym, follow programs on my phone without taking my glasses on and off, and in spin classes, I can actually see the dial now. It has made a huge difference and I am so pleased I had it done.”

Kelly Bryant

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is a commonly performed surgery and involves removing your natural eye lens and replacing it with an artificial lens to help restore your vision.

Mr Ratnarajan graduated from University College London and completed his Ophthalmology training in Oxford. He completed his MD research degree at The Institute of Ophthalmology and Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.

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