Cheyenne | Tummy Tuck

Cheyenne | Tummy Tuck

Cheyenne decided her unhealthy lifestyle had to change and so over the course of a year and a half she ate healthily and exercised losing a massive 7.5 stone.

However having lost the weight she was left with what she refers to as her “kangaroo pouch” – an extra body still attached to her in the form of excess skin. It was really affecting her and she just wanted to feel “normal” in return for making such a huge effort to change her lifestyle.

Mr Jones removed the excess skin from her abdomen.  Commenting after her surgery Cheyenne described that  the operation had finally made her feel  “socially acceptable”, “normal” and “Oh My God – I don’t need to hide anything!”

Martin places extreme importance on putting his clients at ease from their very first consultation. He is not only talked about on account of his excellent surgical skill, but his serenity and calmness with every patient he treats. Mr. Jones has developed a national reputation for reconstruction work after breast cancer and skin cancer treatment.

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Tummy Tuck  Surgery at The McIndoe Centre

At The McIndoe Centre, we offer a range of high-quality, specialist treatments led by the very best clinicians — including tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty).

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