Kerry Scrivener is able to walk pain-free again after an operation to remove a verruca at The McIndoe Centre.

Kerry, 48, had endured severe pain for six months because of a verruca which meant she could barely walk more than a few paces and which forced her to wear trainers with thick socks. The extent of her pain also gave her sleepless nights. After trying two chiropodists on top of all the traditional methods to get rid of the verruca, Kerry finally went to see her GP who referred her to Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon T C Teo.

She underwent reconstructive surgery on her foot in September and is already walking without any crutches.

consultant profile picture.

Kerry, who lives in Tunbridge Wells, said: “I liked Mr Teo because he was very informative, supportive and clear in the treatment he felt I would benefit from. I would definitely recommend him and The McIndoe Centre. I found all the staff excellent. from the warm and welcoming reception staff, to all the nurses who communicated clearly between themselves so I didn’t have to go over information again and again.

“You feel so helpless after a general anaesthetic, and useless on crutches, but the staff were extremely patient and took their time with me. I just need to start putting weight back on my foot, but I can already walk without crutches and am looking forward to cycling and more strenuous exercise in due course.”