Dental Implants

Dental Implant surgery can replace teeth lost due to an accident, tooth decay or the ageing process and is a titanium replacement for the root of the tooth. This implant can be inserted to close a gap in the teeth.

Dental implants look and function like natural teeth, removing the discomfort and embarrassment of tooth loss or dentures.

The procedure:

·         Your surgeon will create a cut into your gum.

·         After this, special drills will be used to create a hole in the jawbone. The implant is then screwed or tapped into this hole.

·         If you do not have sufficient bone then the surgeon will use a bone graft. This could be taken from your hip or lower jaw or an artificial bone.

·         They will either leave a metal stud to protrude through the gum or they will close the gum over the implant.

·         After this, the surgeon will close the gum by applying stitches. These may be able to dissolve.

Single dental implants are usually performed easily under a local anaesthetic although sometimes a general anaesthetic is needed. In some cases your surgeon may offer you a sedative.

The operation should take between twenty minutes and an hour per implant. 


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