How Much Does Liposuction Cost In The UK

Getting rid of stubborn fat can be tough. Some people find that no matter how well they eat or how much exercise they do, some fat just won’t shift.

But, there are cosmetic procedures that can remove unwanted fat and rejuvenate specific areas of your body.

Liposuction can be a highly effective way of altering your body shape and providing long-lasting results – as long as you maintain a healthy weight.

However, the price involved with the procedure is often a major factor for people to consider, with different clinics offering varying packages and prices.

So if you’re currently considering liposuction, this blog will provide you with all the answers you need, explaining how much the procedure costs to have done in the UK and highlighting some of the main factors that can influence the price.

Factors influencing liposuction costs

Liposuction involves removing fat from small areas of your body it has collected such as your lower stomach, hips, neck and chin.

Like many cosmetic procedures, the price of having it done can be influenced by lots of different factors. One of these main factors will be where you want liposuction carried out on your body.

You can have:

Men can undergo liposuction too – it’s not just a ‘female’ cosmetic procedure. Men can have liposuction carried out on their chest as well as the other areas listed above.

The location of your liposuction can also cause the price to change. For example, chin liposuction can cost between £2,000 and £4,000, whereas arm liposuction can cost between £1,500 to £4,500.

Other factors that can influence the price of liposuction in the UK include:

  • The clinic you choose to have the procedure
  • The qualifications and experience of the surgeon you choose
  • How much fat needs to be removed
  • Whether you’re having it done in more than one area
  • The type of liposuction technique used

Some prices will include the cost of a consultation with your surgeon, while others won’t. Therefore, it’s important to ask what the price covers to ensure you aren’t surprised by any additional costs.

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Liposuction cost breakdown

The up-front cost of liposuction may seem like a lot, but the price is designed to cover all aspects of the procedure.

Here is a detailed overview of what the overall cost of liposuction includes:

  • A pre-operative consultation and assessment to make sure you’re a suitable candidate
  • The surgeon's and nurse’s fees
  • Anaesthetic
  • A hospital stay and use of the facilities
  • Pain relief medication for your recovery
  • Dressings for the wounds
  • The equipment used to carry out the procedure
  • Compression garments
  • Follow-up visits

If you’re unsure what’s included in your total price, always make sure to ask either before or during your consultation. That way, you can feel fully informed and prepared for the cost.

Affordable liposuction options

As prices for liposuction vary, you might feel like you have to go with the most expensive option. However, some of the more affordable options can provide you with the same high level of expertise and care as hospitals with higher prices.

Some hospitals offer finance options too. This means you may be able to set up a payment plan for your procedure and spread the cost of the payments out over a set number of months.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that you may be subject to paying more with some finance plans. This is because you might be entering into a credit agreement with the hospital and they can charge interest rates.

Currently, there has been a rise in people heading abroad for cosmetic procedures under the guise that it’s cheaper. However, once you factor in the cost of flights, accommodation and other spending money you may need, it can end up costing a lot more than if you were to undergo liposuction in the UK.

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Liposuction FAQs

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In the UK, the cost of liposuction varies a lot and the deciding factors can sometimes be overlooked. From the number of areas you want treated to the location of the clinic, there are many reasons why the price can fluctuate. 

If you’re considering liposuction, book a consultation with The McIndoe Centre. Our team will be more than happy to explain the cost of the procedure based on your needs. We can support you and help make sure you understand exactly what the price covers and the payment options you have available. 

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