Patient Stories

Cataract Removal | Chris Briggs

Motorcycle enthusiast Chris Briggs can now get on his bike following two cataract operations at The McIndoe Centre.

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Tummy Tuck | Michelle Ward

After the birth of her two children, Michelle Ward was unhappy with the appearance of her stomach. Despite successfully losing five stone after having a gastric band fitted ten years ago, she was left with scarring when the band had to be removed due to infection.

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Tummy Tuck | Cheyenne

Cheyenne decided her unhealthy lifestyle had to change and so over the course of a year and a half she ate healthily and exercised losing a massive 7.5 stone.

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Arm Lift | Beverley Garland

Life really will begin at 40 for Beverley Garland after arm reduction surgery at The McIndoe Centre.

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Breast Implant Removal | Anna

After Anna was told the surgeon who performed her breast enlargement surgery had “disappeared” and the clinic would not rectify her poor results, Anna sought the help of Elena Prousskaia at The McIndoe Centre to correct her breasts which had become heavily distorted and displaced as a result of the botched surgery.

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ACL Reconstruction | Adrian Perry

Keen rugby player and fitness enthusiast Adrian Perry is hoping that he will soon be back doing intensive exercise following a knee operation at The McIndoe Centre.

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Cataract Removal Surgery | Bruce Harris

After retiring from a fulfilling career as a chartered surveyor,  Bruce Harris* decided to avoid the boredom of retirement and expand his skills to become a driving instructor. 

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Breast Enlargement | Daniella Peters

Before breast enlargement surgery, Daniella was desperately unhappy with the size of her breasts as she felt under developed and disproportionate in relation to the rest of her frame.

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Burns reconstruction | Sundeep

Reports of acid attacks in the mainstream media are worryingly on the rise. Used as a targeted weapon, acid attacks are a form of premeditated violence most often used against women and girls. The survivors face permanent disfigurement and social isolation due to such cruel assaults. The road to recovery is long and exhausting with...

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Breast Reconstruction | Helen

Helen had a strong history of breast cancer in her family- five of her aunts had been diagnosed with the disease whilst another aunt underwent a preventative mastectomy over 30 years ago.

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