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Patient Story: Selena Collins

Selena Collins, an experienced acupuncturist, had always been adamant that she wanted to avoid using HRT due to the negative experience her mother went through on the drug. 

Selena explains: “Due to the nature of my work, I was always convinced that I would follow the alternative path when it came to treating menopausal symptoms. In addition to my mother's experience, I had also reacted badly in the past to the Mirena Coil, which cemented my decision. 

As I started progressing into the menopause, I began to experience brain fog and disturbed sleep, which was incredibly challenging as I needed to focus clearly on my work with my patients. 

“I was introduced to Dr Sloan through a friend and attended one of her menopause cafe events. After discussing my fears around HRT and the effects on mental health, she invited me to come and have a consultation with her. I was used to having 10 minutes with my GP to discuss my menopausal symptoms; in this consultation we discussed everything in so much detail including my general health, my symptoms and fears around the medication. She explained it so exceptionally clearly and emphasised how slowly we could start the treatment; I felt safe enough to take a leap of faith to try HRT.  

“She rang me once I had started the prescription to check how I was feeling; the whole process was so carefully managed. 

“The HRT was a game changer. Within two weeks I was sleeping better, I had an improved appetite and mood and I felt like my zest for life came back. There were no side effects - nothing but positive changes. Being an acupuncturist, I was so sceptical at first but because of my experience many of my colleagues and clients have also now self-referred to Dr Sloan."

Selena Collins

“As a result of my consultations, I feel like I have an in-depth understanding of everything that is happening to my body. My advice would be to any woman, if you don’t feel you fit in the box that your GP is putting you in regarding your menopausal experience, try a consultation with Dr Sloan and make an informed choice.” 

Dr Emma Sloan, GP and menopause expert said: “A great number of my patients have been suffering unnecessarily with symptoms of menopause for a long time before seeing me, and sadly a huge proportion are at crisis point when I meet them. So much damage can be done, to relationships, jobs and wellbeing for what in most women is a very treatable condition. Some of my patients find it hard to talk to their GP, for a multitude of different reasons. I can offer women the time, the care, and the expertise to help them turn their life around and help to get them back on track." 

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