It's never been easier to access the high quality of care and treatment available at The McIndoe Centre. There are two main ways for patients to access private treatment at The McIndoe Centre.

1) Paying for your own treatment

If you don’t have insurance or are not covered for a particular treatment, you can choose to pay for the treatment you need when you need it. Growing numbers of people are opting to pay for their own treatment because it is fast, affordable and convenient. From a consultation, minor or complex surgery, each can be paid for directly by you.

If you choose to pay for your own treatment our hospital package price provides an easy route to affordable fixed price surgery. Our prices will include the cost of the surgeon to perform your surgery, the anaesthetic fee and the hospital charges associated with your procedure(s). Only when you have had a consultation can your consultant surgeon truly understand what you would like to achieve and discuss with you how this can be achieved.

If you need surgery our hospital package price will offer you the peace of mind of knowing, in advance, exactly how much your treatment will cost. After seeing your consultant and having had your personal needs identified, you will be given an inclusive, fixed price quotation. This will detail exactly what is, and isn't, included in the price.

2) Using private medical insurance

Whether insured privately or via your company, The McIndoe Centre works with all the major insurers to ensure you are looked after without having to worry about the cost.

With private medical insurance you can arrange the treatment you need at a time to suit you.

All you need to do is follow the 5 simple steps below and you could be receiving treatment quicker than you think.

Whether insured, (3rd party i.e. solicitors / companies / charities) or paying for your own treatment, responsibility for the settlement of the consultant's, anaesthetists and hospital charges always remains with the patient.

On admission, you will need to sign an admission agreement form confirming that payment for your hospital treatment will be made either by yourself or your insurance company.

Personal items such as telephone charges, newspapers, alcoholic or soft drinks, visitors' refreshments and meals are not covered by health insurance or by any self-pay scheme and you will be billed separately by the hospital for such miscellaneous items. These charges are payable or discharge.

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